MOTUL engine oil for car

TK. 2000

Offered by : Ride & Pride

20/08/2017 02:56 PM Dhaka

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We are authorized dealer of MOTUL engine oil and others MOTUL product. Here you will get 100% original imported MOTUL lubricants. We have huge range of MOTUL products. Motorcycle Segment: Mineral >> 3000 series (10w30 / 20w40 / 15w50), Suzuki by MOTUL 10w40. Semi synthetic >> 3100 gold (10w30 / 20w50), 5100 series(10w30 / 15w50) Synthetic >> 7100 series (10w40 / 20w50), 300v series (5w30 / 10w40 / 15w50) Car segment: Mineral: 2000 Multipower series 20w50 Semi Synthetic: 4100 Power series 5w30 Synthetic: 8100 X-cess series 5w40 Please Like our page to stay with us